Training Materials


It's an exciting time with technology at our fingertips, to update and introduce some new modes of learning. There's no need to take a 'one size fits all' approach anymore, in fact a combination of different mediums will keep learners stimulated and keen to learn.

One way to prepare a learner is to send out pre-work prior to the actual workshop. This is a great way to get them thinking on topic. It's also a huge time saver should you have a lot of content to cover. Consider sending a link to a related article, case study, video, or piece of legislation. Then follow up during the workshop by incorporating it into a group activity, or survey their opinion using an online voting tool that they can access on their Smartphones. This is such an effective way to spark a discussion based on the results, and embed learning at the same time.

Workbooks are still popular in most training sessions but its important to get the balance of given information right. If it's to support a PowerPoint presentation, then a picture of the slide may be enough for them to make meaningful notes for themselves. Just the act of writing information down is often enough to help learners remember the key points.

Online quizzes also using Smartphones add an element of fun and competition amongst the group, as well as checking their knowledge. 

Creating a 'takeaway' from the session works well to highlight and remember the key learnings. Perhaps a postcard or bookmark with some acronyms learnt, a process, an infographic, or a quote, are some examples that help in transferring their knowledge back to the workplace. 

Max. Headroom are excited to share some great ideas for you to choose what would work best for your business!